Talachulitna River Float

The Talachulitna River Float is a favorite among locals and visitors to our state. This river winds from the scenic Tordillo Mountains to the Skwentna River, right onto the wintertime Iditarod Trail. This river provides fantastic fishing, camping, and floating.

Alaska River Rafting Trip: Talachulitna River

The Float Begins at Judd Lake were the Talachulitna Creek flows out. This section of river is quite shallow, meandering, and narrow Class I waters. This section most often requires lining or dragging the boats, especially at low water. From the confluence with the Talachulitna River the river widens and deepens considerably with many camping and fishing options.

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Talachulitna Float Trip Details:

Talachulitna River Map
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Drop Point: Judd Lake
N 61o 33.83’ W 151o 33.51’

Pick Up Point: Skwentna Canyon
N 61o 52.39’ W 151o 22.30’

River Length: 52 miles

Class of Rapids: I-IV

Average Float Time: 5 – 7 days

Round Trip Cost:
Cessna Cost: $1375
Beaver Cost: $1870

Talachulitna Fishing:

Fish SpeciesSeason StartSeason End
Chinook (King) SalmonJune 15thJuly 13th
Sockeye (Red) SalmonJuly 15thAugust 31st
Coho (Silver) SalmonJuly 15thSeptember 10th
Pink (Humpy) Salmonjuly 15thAugust 31st
Rainbow TroutMay 1stOctober 15th
GraylingMay 1stOctober 15th

Talachulitna Facts:

  • The Talachulitna River derives its name from the Athabascan language
  • The Talachulitna River was the first river in Alaska to be catch and release only for Rainbow Trout
  • The river was used by Athabascan hunters to return from their trips with their game, making moose skin covered boats after their successful hunts

Talachulitna Fishing Regulations:

For the most up to date regulations please visit the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game

Talachulitna Maps:

USGS Quads: Tyonek C-4, C-5, D-4

Please visit our Alaska Links Page for a link to the USGS Store to purchase these maps.