Anchorage & Chugach Mountain Flightseeing Tour

This Alaska Flightseeing Tour of the Chugach Mountains is the perfect trip for the traveler who wants to experience a quick sea plane ride, or depending on the season, perhaps a ski plane ride.

Alaskan Flightseeing Route: Anchorage & Chugach Mountains

Anchorage & Chugach Mountains Flightseeing Tours

Feel the thrill of a water take off and landing, and get a great bird’s eye view of the city of Anchorage and the surrounding area.

We fly back into the Chugach Mountains to spot for sheep and other animals through the scenic peaks of the range. From there we will fly back to Anchorage over the Turnagain Arm.

Alaska Flightseeing with Regal Air of the Chugach Mountains is sure to be the experience of a lifetime!

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Anchorage & Chugach Mountains Flightseeing Details

  • Total Duration: ½ Hours
  • Cost: $175.00 per person
  • Dates of Operation: Summer only
  • Landing: No Landing
  • Seating: 5- 6 persons per on Aircraft

Anchorage & Chugach Mountains Flightseeing Facts:

  • The Chugach Range stretches 300 miles
  • They average 600 inches of snowfall a year, more than anywhere else in the world
  • Its tallest peak is Mt. Baker at 13,176 feet