Chilikadrotna River Float

The Chilikadrotna River Float is a trip that offers amazing scenery, hiking, fishing, and floating. We highly recommend spending a day or two hiking and enjoying the scenery of Twin Lakes before beginning your float. This is the home of Dick Proenneke, a man made famous by the book and PBS special “One Mans Wilderness.” Hiking in this area is some of the best in the world. One of the real perks of the Chilikadrotna River is the extreme remoteness of the location, often you will be the only group on the river. This pristine and untouched location also makes for great wildlife viewing along the entire river.

Alaska River Rafting Trip: Chilikadrotna River

The Chilikadrotna River flows out of Twin Lakes with Class I-II waters for the first 8 miles. After this there are steady Class II waters with one Class III rapid over the next 31 miles. The next 21 miles will be Class I all the way to the Mulchatna River. This shallow and swift river makes for an exciting float.

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Chilikadrotna River Details:

Chilikadrotna River Map

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Drop Point: Twin Lakes
N 60o 39.83’ W 154o 02.72’

Pick Up Point: Maribou – Mulchatna
N 60o 23.57’ W 155o 53.83’

River Length: 86 miles

Class of Rapids: I-III

Average Float Time: 4 – 7 days

Round Trip Cost:
Cessna Cost: $3960
Beaver Cost: $5375

Float Season: June 25th – September 30th

Chilikadrotna Fishing:

Fish Species Season Start Season End
Chinook (King) Salmon June 25th July 13th
Sockeye (Red) Salmon July 15th August 31st
Coho (Silver) Salmon July 25th September 10th
Dolly Varden June 1st September 30th
Rainbow Trout June 1st September 30th
Grayling June 1st September 30th

Chilikadrotna Facts:

  • The first American to this area was C.L. McKay of the US Signal Service
  • 1898 gold prospectors began settling in the Mulchatna area
  • The region was originally occupied by Eskimos and Aleuts
  • One section of the river drops 50 feet in less than a mile

Chilikadrotna Fishing Regulations:

For the most up to date regulations please visit the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game

Chilikadrotna Maps:

USGS Quads: Lake Clark C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, C-7

Please visit our Alaska Links Page for a link to the USGS Store to purchase these maps.