Alaska Iditarod Tours

Iditarod truly is the "last great race." Only the best can compete in this grueling 1,000 mile race across the frozen Alaskan Wilderness.

Join Regal Air as we chase the race into the Alaska Mountain Range and beyond. You will get a firsthand experience of what it is like in these remote Alaskan Checkpoints. There you can watch the mushers being cheered in to camp, strategically plan their next moves, and watch them tend to their dogs.

The checkpoints of the Iditarod Trail are rest stops for the mushers, a place were race officials and veterinarians can check on dogs, and a great place for spectators to get a glimpse of the race. A day trip to one of these destinations is sure to be the highlight of your Iditarod Experience!

Iditarod Schedule:

Schedule for 2024

Chase the Race 2024

Join the Regal Air Team as we follow the mushers on their journey to Nome.

Willow - Sunday March 3rd Official Re-Start
Departure from Anchorage: 11:30am
Price: $350 per person

We will start our journey in Anchorage and board one of our small aircraft to Willow to watch the official start. On the way there you will fly over the Susitna Valley where you will find Alaskans out on the frozen lakes getting ready to cheer on their favorite mushers. Once we arrive at the Willow Airport we will take a short walk across the street to the start line, from there you will see all the teams gearing up and departing one at a time for their 1000 mile journey to Nome. This is an action packed start and teams launch every 4 minutes.

Rainy Pass Checkpoint - Monday March 4th
Departure from Anchorage: 8:00 am or 10:30am
Price: $950 per person(includes lunch)

We will depart Anchorage and head northwest 100 miles to the Rainy Pass Lodge Checkpoint. Rainy Pass Lodge is a great place to view the dogs because it is right after a long night of mushing and right before they head into the treacherous Alaska Range, therefore most teams stop for a rest in this checkpoint, giving you great photo ops and chances to talk to your favorite musher. After a few hours watching the dogs head inside to warm up and have a hearty lunch provided by the lodge.

Nikolai Checkpoint - Tuesday March 5th
Departure from Anchorage: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00a.m.
Price: $1100 per person(includes lunch)

On the far side of the Alaska Range sits the culturally rich Native Alaskan village of Nikolai on the Kuskokwim River.  Here you will see how rural Alaskans live and view their heritage and culture. Once used as a primary mode of transportation the dog teams are truly appreciated and honored as they stop and rest in the village. This is the first checkpoint after leaving the mountains, and teams have just endured the roughest part of the race. It is a very common location for mushers to take their mandatory 24 hour rest here. Watching this historic race intermingle with the very traditional, very isolated Alaskan Native village of Nikolai is something you are sure to remember.

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Iditarod Tours:

Iditarod CheckpointDay of TripLength of TripPrice
Willow RestartSunday4 hours$350
Rainy Pass LodgeMonday / Tuesday7 hours$950
Nikoli/McGrathTuesday / WednesdayFull Day$1100.00

What to wear on your Iditarod Tour:

Winter in interior Alaska can be very very cold. Temperatures could be as cold as -30 F(-34 C) or even colder. Add on top of that wind chill and it will get your attention!! But we can also experience very nice comfortable March conditions, therefore we recommend lots of layers, with protection for the coldest, but the ability to shed layers if we are in nice weather. Good winter hat, gloves, full snow gear, boots, and lots of thermal layering are a must for this trip.

Iditarod History:

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race commemorates the 1925 Serum Run. At the time the city of Nome was suffering from an outbreak of Diphtheria, and the only medication was located in Anchorage. In just a short 28 hours(remarkable for 1925) a team of 20 mushers and their dogs got the serum to Nome, and prevented a town from being overrun with disease. This heroic event is what is remembered every year in Alaska's Last Great Race.