Alaska Charters – Anywhere in the State!

As always we have the airaft to get you anywhere in the state!

Navajo up to 9 passengers or 1800lbs

Kenai                          $900.00

Homer                       $1500.00

Valdez                       $1500.00

King Salmon             $3100.00

Cordova                    $1800.00

Dillingham                $3400.00

Bethel                        $4400.00

Saint Mary’s             $4400.00

All charters depart from Lake Hood in Anchorage. If you have a destination that is not on this list please call the office for a quote.



C-206 up to 5 passengers or 1000lbs

Kenai                          $500.00

Homer                       $1050.00

Valdez                        $1200.00

King Salmon             $2300.00

Cordova                    $1300.00

Dillingham                $2500.00

Bethel                        $3000.00

Saint Mary’s             $3000.00